Introducing My Rett Ally: A New Tool to Support Caregivers

Introducing My Rett Ally: A New Tool to Support Caregivers

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My Rett Ally, a web application powered by mejo, is specifically designed for Rett syndrome patients and families to simplify and enhance care coordination.

The International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF) is pleased to announce the launch of the My Rett Ally web app, a valuable addition to the resource toolkit for parents and caregivers of individuals with Rett syndrome. Developed in partnership with mejo, a leading technology company specializing in rare disease solutions, this digital caregiver tool will simplify and streamline caregiving tasks and enhance coordination, offering caregivers peace of mind.

“We are pleased to offer the My Rett Ally web app as another valuable tool for parents in their caregiving journey for loved ones with Rett syndrome,” said Melissa Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of IRSF. “We recognize the importance of providing support to caregivers and believe this resource will offer practical assistance by simplifying administrative tasks and improving care coordination.”

The My Rett Ally web app provides a user-friendly platform that consolidates crucial information and promotes collaboration with medical professionals. Caregivers can store and share important information about their child easily by utilizing features such as the medical journal, daily tracker, and document library.

Bret Koncak and Ryan Sheedy, Co-Founders of mejo and themselves parents of children with rare diseases, expressed their appreciation for the partnership and the potential impact of the My Rett Ally web app. “We are pleased to collaborate with IRSF to deliver the My Rett Ally web app tailored specifically to the Rett syndrome community. My Rett Ally simplifies the day-to-day elements of caregiving allowing caregivers to focus more on quality time with their loved ones. We commend IRSF for recognizing the importance of supporting caregivers and the positive impact it has on individuals with Rett syndrome.”

The My Rett Ally web app is free to all families and caregivers of individuals with Rett syndrome in the United States and represents IRSF’s ongoing commitment to empowering families with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

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