My Rett Ally

My Rett Ally is a better way to simplify, organize and share your child’s most important medical & care information all in one web app.

Made Exclusively for the Rett Syndrome Community

Every individual with Rett syndrome is different, and so is their medical journey. My Rett Ally, powered by mejo, is a new, free tool that helps caregivers organize and track information specifically tailored to their loved one with Rett.

With My Rett Ally, you can keep all of your child’s important information (from medical to daily needs) in one safe place. You can also track key symptoms, upload necessary documents, and easily share with family, caregivers or medical professionals.

My Rett Ally Features:

An Organized Medical Journal

Keep your child's most important medical information all in one place, organized and ready to share.

Track What's Important to You

You're in control of determining which tracking categories you want to use for your caregiving needs.

Store Important Documents

Easily store key documents pertaining to your child's treatment and view IRSF preloaded resources.

"Before My Rett Ally, I had different apps for everything – from seizure trackers to a GI tracker. Now, on a visit to the ER, I can pull up Macy’s medication list, hand it over to the nurse, and go back to what is most important at that moment: being there for my child."
- Samantha, mom to Macy

(To learn more about Samantha's journey, CLICK HERE)

Safely share with anyone involved in your loved one’s care

The information you add to My Rett Ally is private, but the web app allows you to safely share access to your loved one’s journal and tracker quickly when needed. You choose what sections you want to share and how long the share link should be active. The receiving user will have to enter your loved one’s birthday the first time to access the shared information.

Need to share another way? My Rett Ally lets you download all of the information to an organized PDF for sharing.

With My Rett Ally, you can send the right care info to medical professionals, babysitters, and anyone involved in the care of your loved one through text or e-mail.

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Signing up only takes only 90 seconds! My Rett Ally was designed for you to enter information at your own pace so you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. Use our guided Rett-specific questionnaire to capture the information most important to you and get started today!