Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Ways you can go ALL IN to raise awareness this October

Rett Syndrome is a rare disease and though we’ve made great strides, many still don’t know it exists.

But together, we can change that.

This October during Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, there are so many ways you can join IRSF to help increase awareness of Rett syndrome around the globe. More awareness means more support for families and more funding for critical research.

Go ALL IN to end Rett syndrome

Your story is powerful. Share it. Download these items from our Rett Syndrome Awareness Digital Toolkit to share what living with Rett syndrome means for you.

Our vision is a world without Rett. This fall, there are many ways you can invite others to experience our mission firsthand.

IRSF is relentlessly pursuing a cure for Rett syndrome in the future while also providing unwavering support for families fighting Rett right now. In ways big and small, you can help us fund this critical mission.

Together, let’s go ALL IN and make sure no family faces Rett syndrome alone.


As we relentlessly pursue a cure, we come alongside families with support, wherever they are on the journey. Each of them faces constant challenges, heartache, and disappointments. They all need compassionate and practical support, effective treatments, and ultimately, a cure.

You can meet those needs by helping us take incredible strides forward in much-needed research – this October and beyond.

Let’s go ALL IN. For a cure. For families. For individuals with Rett, all over the world.

Go ALL IN to end Rett syndrome

About IRSF: The International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF) is the leading research and family empowerment organization for Rett syndrome. We’re on a mission to transform the lives of all those affected by Rett syndrome by accelerating research toward treatment and a cure while empowering families with the information, programs, and services they need to thrive.

Over nearly 40 years, IRSF has invested more than $58 million to fund breakthrough discoveries and life-changing advancements in research while supporting thousands of individuals and families around the world at all stages in their Rett journey.

IRSF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. More than 85% of expenses support our core mission, and with income from investments and IRSF reserves, we committed 100% of every dollar donated to accelerating research and empowering families in 2022.