Downloadable Resources

Rett Brochure

Comprehensive Brochure

NHS info sheet

NHS Info sheet

Rett fact sheet
FACT Sheet
download the FACT Sheet here. 

Your help is our hope card

Your Help is our Hope Card
download the card here.

2019 Impact Report2019 Impact Report
Review the impact IRSF made in 2019  downloading the impact report here.

Primary Care GuidelinesPrimary Care Guidelines
The Rett Syndrome Primary Care Guidelines provide suggested visit schedules by clinical area of assessment, specific concerns to look for and timelines for follow up appointments. Download today to ensure the best care for your child.

51 Years Infographic
51 Years Infographic

Our 51 Years of Progress infographic beautifully details IRSF’s role in the scientific advances that are driving us toward a cure for Rett syndrome.  Click HERE to view this document.

First 100 Days Pathway
First 100 Days Pathway We know there is a lot of new language to learn and new systems to navigate. We have created this First 100 Days Pathway to simplify and prioritize this important period of time for you and your family.

Coloring Book

Download this great resource to help introduce your kids and child’s classmates to Rett syndrome