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In the wake of this global health crisis, we want to empower you with resources to help your family during this time. You may be feeling isolated and stretched without your support team, but we believe that you are strong enough to make it through this. Making adjustments for the home may be just what you need.

International Rett Syndrome Foundation has mobilized our global network of Rett experts, researchers, and partners to develop specific resources for you to use at home. We hope these resources will help keep your child, yourself, and your family on track.

Covid Update 1.25.21

At-Home Training Session Recordings

Current State of Rett Syndrome Research

Dr. Dominique Pichard provides an update on the current state of Rett research, clinical trials, and answers your questions. Aired 6/9/20

At-Home Aqua Therapy

Briana Czerwinski, PT, shares ideas for modified aqua therapy that you can do at home in your pool, hot tub, jacuzzi or bathtub. Air Date: 5/26/20

Communication Intervention Strategies, Part 3

Gill Townend, PhD and Theresa Bartolotta, PhD share additional strategies to help those with Rett syndrome. Aired 5/11/20

Communication Intervention Strategies, Part 2

Gill Townend, PhD and Theresa Bartolotta, PhD introduce intervention strategies to help those with Rett syndrome at any age. Aired 5/4/20

Moves & Stretches Use Your Child’s Tract System

Dr. Lotan focuses on ways to use your loved one’s wheelchair or home track system for moves and stretches. Aired 4/30/20

Communication Intervention Strategies, Part 1

Gill Townend, PhD and Theresa Bartolotta, PhD introduce intervention strategies to help those with Rett syndrome at any age. Aired 4/27/20

Moves & Stretches for Adults with Rett

Dr. Lotan works with 2 families to demonstrate stretching and movement techniques with their adult children with Rett syndrome. Aired Live 4/16/20

Moves & Stretches for Tweens and Caregivers

Dr. Meir Lotan works with 4 U.S. families to demonstrate how they can use items around their house to keep their loved ones active and moving. Aired Live 4/9/20

Movement Techniques for Caregiver & Child

Dr. Meir Lotan demonstrates movement techniques and what families can do with their child at home to keep them physically active. Aired Live 4/2/20

Communication Engagement Strategies

Dr. Gill Townend and Dr. Theresa Bartolotta share ways to optimize communication engagement for those with Rett. Aired Live: 3/30/20

Physical Therapy Strategies for Home

Dr. Meir Lotan demonstrates with two families how you can use tools at home to provide physical therapy for your children. Aired Live 3/26/20

Communicating & Connecting While at Home

Judy Lariviere, M.Ed., OTR/L shows how to support your loved one with Rett syndrome in their communication with engagement and participation in some fun family activities.

Home Enrichment Activities

We have mobilized our global therapy experts, advocates and parents to put together practical enrichment therapy ideas to use at home. This resource contains ideas that may be helpful for you and your child with Rett syndrome while you are at home. The ideas are based on the concept of participation, that is meaningful involvement in activities of daily life, with focus on the home setting.

Enrichment Activities



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