Pain in Rett Syndrome

Pain in Rett Syndrome

Original Air Date: August 11, 2020
Dr. Frank Symons discusses the issues of pain in Rett syndrome.

Rett syndrome is a complex disorder, and sharing of accurate information is more than empowering, it can be life-saving for our children with Rett syndrome. In terms of pain, Dr. Symons’ areas of specific research include (a) the reliable and valid assessment of pain in children and adults with significant communicative and motor impairments; (b) the relation between behavioral and biological variables as markers for altered pain; (c) modifying/adapting sensory testing; and (d) the relation between pain and problem behavior, specifically self-injury.

Dr. Symons is an Associate Dean for Research and Policy, College of Education and Human Development, Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

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