Longevity in Rett Syndrome

Longevity in Rett Syndrome

Aired 7/15/20

Dr. Alan Percy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Primary Investigator for the Natural History Study discusses the myths and facts around life expectancy in Rett syndrome.

Rett syndrome is a complex disorder, and inaccurate or invalid facts cause more harm than good. So join this webinar to learn the facts. Hear from experts and parents. More than empowering, it can be life-saving for our children with Rett syndrome. Even though the topic is challenging to talk about, we know you think about it. Let’s dispel the myths.

We believe that transformative treatments will come from gene therapy, medications, and neuro-habilitative therapies. Our research strategy targets every possible approach so that we continue not just to improve longevity, but to decrease syndrome impact. We remain committed to creating solutions for today, to improve lives today, while we work to create a world without Rett syndrome.

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