Most girls and women will benefit from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), which includes any methods used in place of speech (i.e. written language, body language and facial expression).  These avenues may be difficult for those with Rett syndrome; you may want to consider using eye gaze, head pointing, communication boards, switches and voice output communication devices.

Methods for AAC can be divided into three levels of technology complexity.  Please see below.

 No-tech methods [PDF] include signing, using pictures and objects without voice output, facial and body language, and eye gaze.

Low-tech/medium-tech methods [PDF] include devices with voice output, but only one choice or one page recorded on them.

Higher-tech methods/devices [PDF] are capable of using a number of pages and a larger vocabulary can be stored. The highest-tech devices are like computers, allowing for the greatest number of options.