Dr. Steven Kaminsky Retiring, RSO Honors Chief Science Officer

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Dr. Steven Kaminsky Retiring, RSO Honors Chief Science Officer

Dr. Steven KaminskyChief Science Officer Dr. Steven Kaminsky has announced his retirement this spring. Steve has served faithfully for the last seven years advancing research toward the treatment and cure of Rett syndrome. Instrumental in connecting trofinetide – a compound developed under the Department of Defense to treat soldiers with traumatic brain injuries – and a potential benefit for individuals with Rett syndrome, Steve has shepherded this compound and offered valuable insight to Neuren and ACADIA to design a clinical trial for individuals with Rett syndrome.

Significant Contribution to Research

Steve has significantly advanced Rett syndrome research in many ways, but most notably by developing Rettsyndrome.org’s proprietary Scout Program, which was designed to rapidly identify potential treatments for Rett syndrome through existing pharmaceutical compounds. Multiple compounds screened through the program have moved through to clinical trials, both in the United States and abroad.

Steven G. Kaminsky Scout Program

Because of Steve’s ingenuity, dedication, integrity and compassion in the field of Rett syndrome, RSO is officially re-naming this program the Rettsyndrome.org Steven G. Kaminsky Scout Program. This program will serve as a lasting reminder of Steve’s dedication to finding a cure for Rett syndrome.??If you would like to honor Steve’s service and vision to accelerate a cure for our loved ones affected by Rett syndrome, consider making a donation to support the Steven G. Kaminsky Scout Program. 100% of your gift will go to research.

As a foundation and a community, we honor Steve for his service and wish him all the best.??Rettsyndrome.org will continue to aggressively pursue research that will enhance the quality of life for those suffering from this disorder as we work for an ultimate cure. The board and team at Rettsyndrome.org remain dedicated to maintaining a high level of excellence for all of our research commitments and look forward to sharing the addition of science industry board members and announcing our new Chief Science Officer by late summer.