Rett Syndrome Diagnosis

Child holding stethoscopeRett syndrome is confirmed with a blood test to identify the MECP2 mutation. However, since the MECP2 mutation is also seen in other disorders, a Rett syndrome (RTT) diagnosis requires either the presence of the MECP2 mutation or fulfillment of the diagnostic criteria or both.

Criteria for Rett syndrome (RTT) Diagnosis

Consider Genetic Testing

A simple blood test can confirm if your child has the MECP2 mutation which causes Rett syndrome. While you can observe Rett-like behaviors knowing the specifics of your child’s mutation can help you:

  • Confirm clinical diagnosis
  • Learn more about the specific mutation
  • Be eligible for clinical trials and natural history studies
  • Contribute to growing knowledge of MECP2 mutations.

DNA Diagnostic Testing Laboratory

Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
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Center for Human Genetics

Boston University School of Medicine
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Children’s Hospital Boston

DNA Diagnostic Laboratory
Boston, MA
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University of Chicago

Genetic Services Laboratories
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Ambry Genetics

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Greenwood Genetic Center

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Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

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