Rett Education

At we believe that every family and caregiver should be empowered with information and knowledge. We believe that you can learn this from expert panelists through live and online educational opportunities. Every month, there are opportunities for you to learn about different topics for people with Rett syndrome. These are unique opportunities geared toward families, caregivers, clinicians, and therapists.

RettEd Webinars

RettEd is a monthly series featuring expert speakers on various Rett-related research and care topics to help build your personal pathway to empowerment. At the end of each webinar, you will have a chance to ask questions and hear from questions from others. There is no cost to participate, but online pre-registration is required.


Rett syndrome Ed Days are designed to provide information, enrichment and connection for families, caregivers, educators, clinicians and therapists to empower our community. Topics and discussions will include: research updates, medical and therapeutic intervention strategies, state specific programs & services, communication strategies, and other unique workshops.

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