Family-Directed Supports

Family-Directed Supports

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In the Family-Directed Supports option, a child determined eligible for services will be assigned an individualized budget based on their child’s strengths and assessed needs. Using this individualized budget, a family can plan a year of supports, therapy, services and goods to enable their child to live a full and inclusive life. The flexibility in this model allows parents to choose, design and direct services outside of the traditional menu of services. If you would like more information on family-directed services, contact your local FACS Case Coordinator.

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DD Services Info
The first step in applying for DD services is to fill out the Application for Assistance. Through this application you can apply for the following services for children and adults with developmental disabilities: Health Coverage (Medicaid) – The Medicaid Enhanced Plan is the plan for children and adults with disabilities or special health needs also, Cash Assistance – for emergencies, families with children, and the elderly, blind, or disabled.

CDD Information 
Once your child has been verified to be eligible for Medicaid, you will need to fill out the Children’s Developmental Disabilities Application and send it to your regional Family and Community Services (FACS) Developmental Disability Program. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your regional Family and Community Services Developmental Disability Program. Once you have completed and returned the application, the regional FACS staff will forward it to your Independent Assessment Provider (IAP) who will review it and contact you for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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