Rett Racers

Participating in races, obstacles courses, triathlons and other distance events are one unique way to raise support and awareness for those affected by Rett syndrome. If you want to use your endurance event to fundraise, has made it easy for you to share and fundraise what you are doing.

Join your race as normal through their registration pages, then create and customize your personal fundraising page HERE where you can upload photos, tell your story, send emails to friends and families and share on social media.

Use your passion and make a difference today!

Featured Races

  • Spartan race - Endurance race filled with obstacles. Individual sport. Located in cities across the US.
  • Tough Mudder - Endurance race filled with obstacles (and mud!). Encourages teamwork to complete race. Located in cities across the US.
  • Mudderella - 5 mile obstacle course designed for women by women. Located in the US and other countries as well.
  • Ragnar Trail Race - 200 mile road/trail race relay team style which takes place over the course of two days in breath-taking cities
  • Rock N Run Marathon Series - The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series combines running, travel and entertainment, providing a world-class event atmosphere for participants and spectators alike. Takes place in 30 cities annually, including Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Washington DC, Madrid and Mexico City.
  • Active - Use to look up events in your local area to participate in (running, cycling, triatholons, etc)

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