Introducing Rett Rounds, our new video series with Dr. K .,
that will address important issues that concern our families.


August 2, 2017

Dr. A Video :  How does the peer review process work?




July 5, 2017

Dr. A Video :  How do researchers get a grant?


June 13, 2017

Research Strategy Video Three:  What is the Natural History Study and why is it important?



May 1, 2017

Research Strategy Video Two:  Where does all the money go?


April 5, 2017

Research Strategy Video One:  What is's Research Strategy?



March 21, 2017

Clinical Trials Video Six:  Will a Family Receive Compensation For Participating in a Clinical Trial?

March 7, 2017

Clinical Trials Video Five:  How Long Does A Clinical Trial Take?


Clinical Trials Video Four:  Why Participate in a Clinical Trial? 


February 13, 2017

Clinical Trials Video Three:  How is a Family Chosen to Participate in a Clinical Trial? 


 February 1, 2017

Clinical Trials Video One:  What are the Benefits of a Clinical Trial? 


 Clinical Trials Video Two:  What are the Phases of a Clinical Trial?