Our Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Medical Advisory Board (MAB) set strategic goals for the advancement of research towards the development of therapeutics for Rett syndrome. The SAB and MAB members consist of leading scientists and clinicians drawn from the Rett syndrome field, augmented by distinguished neuroscientists and prominent individuals with experience in drug discovery and development within academia and industry. Members of the SAB and MAB have been drawn from specific disciplines that are critical to facilitate the rapid translation of basic research findings into therapeutics for the treatment of Rett syndrome.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Jeffrey D. Macklis, MD, D. HST, Harvard University
Eric J. Nestler MD, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
David M. Katz PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Gail Mandel PhD, Vollum Institute, Oregon Health & Science University
Janine M. LaSalle PhD, University of California Davis
James H. Eubanks PhD, University of Toronto
John M. McCall PhD, PharMac LLC
Emer Leahy PhD, MBA, PsychoGenics Inc.
Alan Kozikowski PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
Rajiv Ratan MD, PhD, Burke Medical Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medical College

The Medical Advisory Board (MAB)

Alan K. Percy, MD Civitan International Research Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Daniel G. Glaze, MD, Baylor College of Medicine Blue Bird Circle Rett Center
Walter E. Kaufmann, MD, Greenwood Genetic Center
Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein Medical College of Yeshiva University
Bertram H. Lubin, MD, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
Eric Smeets MD, PhD University of Maastricht, Netherlands
Jeffrey L. Neul, MD, PhD, Rady Children's Hospital, University of California San Diego
Angus Clarke, DM, FRCP Cardiff University, Wales, UK
Peter Huppke, MD Georg August University Göttingen, Germany
Alessandra Renieri MD, PhD University of Siena, Italy
Evdokia Anagnostou, MD Bloorview Children’s Rehab and Research Institute, University of Toronto
Susan E. Swedo MD, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Professional Advisors

A select group of Rett syndrome professionals who have committed to advise Rettsyndrome.org and support fellow professionals on important issues, the Professional Advisors for Rettsyndrome.org represent top experts in their fields, many of whom have made significant contributions to the area of Rett syndrome.

Judy Barrish RN Nursing
Art Beisang MD General Pediatrics
Sudge Budden MD Developmental Pediatrics
Linda Burkhart   Communication
Carmen Cuffari MD Feeding Therapy
Kristie Cullum RN Hospice and Palliative Care
Aleksandra (Sasha) Djukic MD, PhD Child Neurology
Mary Ann Ehlert CFP Special Needs Financial Planning
Karen Erickson PhD Special Education and Literacy
Marybeth Finch MS Physical Therapy
Greg Gates PhD Autonomic Function Therapy
Suzanne Geerts MS, RD Dietetics
Belinda George RPh Pharmacy
Howard Geyer MD Movement Disorders
Dan Glaze MD Neurology, Sleep and Epilepsy
Peter Heydemann MD Child Neurology and Epilepsy
Christopher Hug MD Pulmonology
Karen Irizarry Psy D Clinical Psychology
Christina M. Iyama-Kurtycz MD Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Mary Jones MD General Pediatrics
Terry Katz PhD Psychology, Cognitive Assessments and Sleep
Walter Kaufmann MD Neurology and Neuropathology
John Killian MD Orthopedics
Shuei Kozu LICSW Social Worker, Emergency Preparedness, Ed Advocacy
Jane Lane RN Rett Syndrome and Women's Issues
Judy Lariviere   OTL/R, Communication, Literacy
Kay Motil MD Gastroenterology
SakkuiBai Naidu MD Child Neurology
Susan Norwell MS Communication, Literacy
Valerie Owen PhD Special Education
Alan Percy MD Child Neurology
Will Rabke JD Attorney
Diane Ross MS Family Therapy
Aloysia Schwabe MD Rehabilitative Medicine
Kenna Seiler JD Attorney
Jay Shapiro MD Endocrinology
Steve Skinner MD Genetics
Laurie Lou Smith MS Special Education
Dick Sobsey PhD Parent of Male with MECP2 and Ethicist
Jennifer Swain   Physical Therapy
Raymond Tervo MD Pediatrics
John Thornton DMD Dentistry
Elaine Tierney MD Psychiatry
Christine Walsh MD Cardiology