Meir Lotan

Meir Lotan, PhD

Meir Lotan, PhD

Ariel University
Neuro-Habilitation HeART Award: $149,643

A physical therapy-based scoliosis intervention program for patients with Rett syndrome

An estimated 80-85% of patients with Rett syndrome also have scoliosis, a condition where the spine is abnormally curved. Scoliosis may dramatically affect the quality of life of patients and their families because it can make moving, sitting, and standing either very challenging or impossible for patients. Lotan has successfully halted or reversed scoliosis in a few girls with Rett syndrome through physical therapy, but these few case studies are insufficient to support wide-spread adoption of his programs. In this research, Lotan will scientifically test whether physical therapy programs built alongside patients with Rett syndrome and their caregivers can reliably and reproducibly work as an effective scoliosis intervention. He will also develop a phone app that reminds patients which physical therapy exercises to do and when to do them.

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