Research Awardees & Funded Projects 2017 has added six research projects to its Research Portfolio in the first quarter of 2017.  A commitment of $775,000, through research grants, brings the largest non-governmental private funder of Rett research above the recently attained milestone of $40M research dollars to $41M. The six projects listed below are augmentative to’s full-spectrum research strategy.  This strategy focuses on bringing drugs and treatments forward for implementation in clinical care. 

Basic Research Program

Kevin Jones, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder:  Awarded:  $150,000

Testing potential regulators of BDNF expression to identify candidate Rett syndrome therapeutics

Colleen Niswender, PhD, Vanderbilt University:  Awarded:  $150,000

Exploration of metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 as a target for MeCP2-related disorders

Translational Research Program

Qiang Chang, PhD, University of Wisconsin -Madison:  Awarded:  $150,000

In Vitro and In Vivo Validation of Candidate Drugs to Treat Rett Syndrome

Jeannie Lee, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital:  Awarded:  $149,996

Reactivating the silent MECP2 allele through a synergistic drug mechanism

Neuro-Habilitation Program

Pam Diener, PhD  Georgetown University:  Awarded $75,000

Virtual Reality Gaming May Support the Development of Purposeful Upper Extremity Use in Individuals with Rett Syndrome

Mentored Training Fellowship Program

Billy Lau, PhD, University of Tennessee-Knoxville:  Awarded $100,000

Co-Mentors: Stephen Shea, PhD and Keerthi Krishnan, PhD

Cortical inhibitory mechanism governing auditory perception in MeCP2+/-


2016 Research Awardees