Clinical Research Centers of Excellence is very pleased to share with you that we have created a new and innovative clinic program designation, the Clinical Research Centers of Excellence.  Today, in North America, we now work with 22 Rett syndrome clinics that provide care and treatment to those with Rett syndrome and participate in our North American Rett Syndrome Clinics Network.  At this time, we are recognizing the 14 clinics that have been involved with the Natural History Study for their long commitment to studying and improving the lives of those who suffer from Rett syndrome as a Clinical Research Center of Excellence.  We hope that in time every Rett syndrome clinic will achieve this status.

Read about UCSF Benioff's Oakland COE designation, the largest foundation dedicated to accelerating research and empowering families touched by Rett syndrome, launched an innovative program designating select clinics in the U.S. as Rett Syndrome Clinical Research Centers of Excellence.   Katie’s Clinic for Rett Syndrome and Related Disorders, led by Medical Director Dr Mary Jones and team, is the 4th clinic nationwide to receive this award and was designated as such at a celebration luncheon Friday, Feb 24, at the CHORI library. also recognized John and Kathy Corpus, as well as Sol and Christine Varon for raising millions of dollars through the Samantha Corpus Foundation and the Sarah Varon Foundation for research, enabling some of the most important and relevant clinical research projects accomplished to date.  Read more here.


Read about Vanderbilt University's COE designation



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Read more about the clinics in our Press Release.

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