Media Toolkit

Tools, Tips and Resources to help you secure media coverage for an event


Pitching your local media can be completely intimidating and overwhelming for the non-PR professional.  Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a PR professional to be successful and pitching the press is easier than you think.  Click HERE to learn 8 tips to guide you in trying to obtain media coverage for an event.


Downloadable Resources



Your Help is Our Hope shares's research strategies and advances, our family empowerment methods and our foundation's history   and mission.  Click HERE to view the brochure.










Our 51 Years of Progress infographic beautifully details's role in the scientific advances that are driving us toward a cure for Rett syndrome.  Click HERE to view this document.










Our Research NOW paper explains's research programs - our CURE programs and our NOW programs.  It showcases how we are targeting every aspect of Rett syndrome with our research strategy.  Click HERE to view this document.




The 2016 Impact Report quantifies's impact in research and family empowerment with a look into goals for 2017. Click HERE to view this document.



Tips to secure airtime for PSAs's new Rett Syndrome Public Service Campaign can be viewed HERE.  You can also make the PSA available to the media for use and editing by downloading it from YouTube at

Visit to see how you can contact your stations for airplay. 



2017 Press Releases for information on our organization

January 9, 2017 - Reaches Milestone of $40M in Research Funding



Awareness Materials