All About Mariano

I am a mix of Puerto Rican, Chamorro, Filipino and Irish, but everyone knows I am a Texan because I was born in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Maybe that is why I am so tough. It's in my blood. I show my parents and the world everyday that I love my life. I fight everyday for it. I have many cousins that I love to hang out with when I visit family. I love to roll all the time, watch cartoons, listen to music (especially KSBJ when I get to ride in the truck to visit my friends at the clinic). I take many trips with mommy or daddy to the clinics, that way the doctors can learn more about me and maybe one day help another kid just like me.

I have many good days, especially the day’s daddy gives me a little chocolate ice cream while mommy isn’t looking (Shh... don’t tell her). I have a huge reason for living and it’s not just for my family. I think it is because God sent me here to share with everyone how each life is precious and most especially for one-day to help find a cure for my brothers and sisters that fight the same battle. My name is Mariano Jonell Rosa and I approved of this message. #MarianoJonell

Fun Fact About Mariano: Mariano aka "Nano" loves music and people, he is sure to put a smile on your face.

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