All About Saanvi

Saanvi was born on Sept 11th 2013, She was born as healthy girl and progressed well until about she was 9 months old but suddenly we started noticing that she is not meeting her milestones. At age of 18 months her pediatrician referred to neurologist and early intervention support.
At first glance Saanvi’s neurologists suspected Rett syndrome but we were not ready to accept that but after MRI and blood work, we received call on Sept 13th 2015, just after Saanvi’s second birthday, from her neurologists and she confirmed that Saanvi is diagnosed with Rett syndrome.
Although we were devastated, but now we had our answers and we now knew what we were fighting. We determined ourselves to support her and give her the best possible chance for continued development. Thankfully we were referred to early intervention and Boston Children hospital Rett Clinic. Saanvi started getting PT, OT and Speech therapy. We never would have expected that everyone there would become family. They helped us so much on our journey and gave us so much hope. Now Saanvi has got Tobii device and using eye gaze, currently she is learning to use Tobii and we are hoping this will help Saanvi to communicate her needs.
Recently Saanvi started school in early childhood center Agawam. Saanvi always have a light on her face which always gives us energy and motivation to help her and love her. She is our greatest teacher who teaches us every day. She is a happy and loving girl. Music and food are the two motivation things for her. Before Saanvi our life was aimless now we have got our purpose of life


Fun Fact About Saanvi: Saanvi loves splashing in water, listening music and eating

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