Research to Reality

Research to reality

We are in the Time of Rett is dedicated to finding treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Rett syndrome. As the world's leading private funder of Rett syndrome research, we have accelerated the pace of research to an unprecedented level. Strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies have allowed us to bring the first and only treatment compound for Rett syndrome into the final phase of clinical testing. When this treatment becomes prescribable, it will revolutionize the daily lives of children with Rett syndrome. Our other foundational commitment is to empowering families. We never forget that Rett syndrome impacts the entire family.  We provide families with the information, education and connectivity they need to make the best decisions for their child and to feel supported in their journey with Rett syndrome. Accelerating research and empowering families - not just a tagline, but the core of everything we do.

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The Research to Reality Fund is wholly committed to the work these scientists are doing to find treatments and a cure for Rett. In 2015, to aid in this pursuit, we launched the Research to Reality Campaign to raise $10 million a year over the coming years. The campaign’s founding donation of $1.5 million was made by our organization’s board members - personally - to underline the belief that we truly are living in “the time of Rett” and that our hopes can be met if you join us.

The purpose of the Research to Reality Fund is to accelerate research and aggressively move more potential drug treatments to clinical trials. Dedicated to identifying treatments and a cure for Rett syndrome, the Fund builds upon our successful history of high-quality and peer-reviewed research. This process begins with expanding basic discovery that will translate research into promising treatments and reality. 100% of every dollar made to this fund will go to research.

Donate to the fund

Improve the lives of thousands

You probably know someone impacted by Autism, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's diseases, or even Traumatic Brain Injury. Like Rett syndrome, these conditions and others are the result of a MECP2 gene mutation. Conducting more research of the MECP2 gene is critical for understanding the brain's neurology. By donating to the Research to Realty Fund, you will be helping improve the lives of thousands with Rett syndrome and tens of thousands more people who have MECP2-related disorders.

Your donation will improve the lives of thousands with Rett, and tens of thousands more with other MECP2 related disorders.