All About Mackenzie

Hi! My name is Mackenzie Jane Noecker and I am 5 ½ years old. I have a lot of nicknames. People call me ’Mac’, ‘Big Mac’, ‘Miss Mac’, ‘Mackie’ and ‘Mackenzie’, just to name a few! Jane is my middle name, but it is also my Grammy’s first name. I like to spend time with my family. My Daddy is lots of fun and I love my Mommy too. I am a big sister and a little sister! Libby is 3, Sloane is 20, Alexis and Slade are twins, they are 21! I love my Grammy, Pop Pop, Grandpop and Miss Chris too! I have 10 aunts/uncles and 6 cousins. I start Kindergarten soon, and I am excited about art and being with friends at school. My favorite things to do are to swim, dance, go to school, play outside, go to the beach, read books, play dress up, splash in the tub, giggle and walk! My favorite color is yellow and my favorite type of food is Mexican! I also love dessert, especially cake and ice cream. My favorite cartoon is Handy Manny, and it makes me laugh a lot! My Tobii is my voice and it is pretty cool. I live in Raleigh. I have my own room and it is pink and green. I have lots of older friends that help me every day. They are lots of fun, and it is like having extra sisters to play with! The main things I want people to know about me are that I am smart, cute, and funny! Thanks to all my friend-zies for your continued love and support!

Fun Fact About Mackenzie: I have my own Facebook page! You can follow my celebrations, my challenges, my loves, my humor, and my life at 'Mackenzie's Friend-zies'.

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