Rett Syndrome State Proclamations

Get Your State Involved

October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month in the USA, and it is an exciting time for fundraising and gatherings for families. Governors in several states honor our effort by signing proclamations declaring October to be Rett Syndrome Awareness Month in their states. These proclamations are available to you and they can be downloaded for your use.

Obtain a State Proclamation for your State Today! Contact Donna Wright,  for more information

2016 Proclamations have been obtained for the following:  Arizona, City of Vista(CA),  San Diego County (CA) , Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and WyomingClick on each state to view the Proclamation.

Proclamations have been successfully used by:

  • Medical people working with Rett syndrome to attract attention and media to their work
  • Local and regional IRSF representatives to get attention from the media
  • Fundraisers to establish a “reason” for the timing of their activity and to introduce Rett syndrome to potential donors
  • School papers to make a “star” out of our daughters at school and to educate other students about Rett syndrome

Proclamations are meant to be used. We encourage you to incorporate them when appropriate into your advocacy efforts.

We are supporting and tracking the efforts to procure proclamations in each state. If you would like to know the status for your state, please email us at

Signing of one of the early proclamations declaring October to be Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, Governor George Bush, Texas 1997.

Alabama Proclamation Signing 2009:

Louisiana Proclamation Signing 2009: