October Awareness Month

October is the month designated Rett Syndrome Awareness Month - it is our time to make a difference! For most parents, until their diagnosis, Rett syndrome is a combination of words they've never heard before. When they tell their friends and family, those friends and family have never heard of Rett syndrome. Sometimes, even when they tell their doctors, the doctors are largely unfamiliar with Rett syndrome. This is astonishing. Why? Because Rett syndrome occurs once in 10,000 females. That's something people should know about. A girls is born every 2 hours who develops Rett syndrome. That's more often than Huntington's disease but chances are those very same people who haven't heard of Rett HAVE heard of Huntington's. So, every year, we all work hard to change that. Every year we make a difference. Every year we spread the story of Rett syndrome a bit further.Rett syndrome has had an immeasurable impact on our children, our families and our community. It is the leading cause of severe impairment in girls - occurring worldwide in 1 of every 10,000 female births - yet awareness of Rett syndrome remains low among the general public. Help us change this. Contact us to get started TODAY!


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Media Coverage

The media is a great way to promote Rettsyndrome.org. Look for local media featuring Strollathons in over 30 locations this year! The following links have great media to share!

NBC Nebraska Coverage: Nebraska Strollathon Benefits Rett Syndrome Research
Henry Perez's Article:  A Story of Hope and Love
Sherri Brady's Article: Living With Rett Syndrome
NorthJersey.com article showcases Rett Syndrome
KMPH Fox26 Interviews Rett Racer, Don Searcy's, Journey


State Involvement

Please see Rett syndrome State Proclamations.


 Social Media Involvement

Please join us and share YOUR story. Use these campaign hashtags to spread awareness for October Awareness month.

#LOUD  -  nothing is LOUDER than silently taking a stand

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#unignorable  -  we want to make a big difference, we want to be unignorable.

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#getwhatyougive  - you'll be surprised by how much you get when you give it up

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