All About Makayla

Makayla was born in October 2012 and has been such a blessing to our family. She has four older brothers who love her dearly and do so much to watch out for her. She has always been a very active little girl, and her diagnosis has not slowed her down one bit. She loves the water (beach, pool, bathtub), sweets (especially M&M's), listening to music, watching sports, and animals (especially her two Boston Terriers, BB and Sniper). She works so hard on words, and has said things like "dog", "up", "touchdown", and "bubba". She is a very happy girl, and God has truly entrusted someone special to our family.

Fun Fact About Makayla: Makayla has a big variety in her taste in music: Michael Jackson (young and old), Johnny Cash, LeCrae (Christian rap artist), and TobyMac top the list. We also say that M&M's stand for "Makayla Medicine".

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Support Makayla's fight against Rett syndrome. Donate today in honor of Makayla. All money will go to to help accelerate full spectrum research to cure Rett syndrome and empower families with knowledge and connectivity. 

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