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Kira was diagnosed shortly after her second birthday. She had lost her few words and ability to stand. Seizures started just before her third birthday, and she has since had a feeding tube placed and is being monitored closely for the progression of her scoliosis. Kira attends school with her typical peers and loves to be part of the action. She enjoys doing things with friends, playing with her brother and sister, reading and swimming. In her free time, Kira rides her bike and runs in her “Rett Hot Chili Pepper” Racer chair. She is proud of the fact she has earned some medals in 5Ks and a half marathon. Through Kira we have met so many wonderful, caring, supportive, and generous people. Some have become close friends, and others we have met for a moment, but I believe Kira has changed them for the better.


Fun Fact About Kira: Kira loves sea turtles and dolphins!

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