All About Isabella

Isabella was a normal baby at birth weighing in at 7.9 pounds and 51 centimeters long. She was alert and pleasant and did all the things a baby would do at her age. She began trying to say mommy around 4 months old. She played with her toys, and was fascinated by the cell phone and remote control. At 11 months old she started taking steps in her attempt to try to walk. She was very interactive and got her first pet Labrador named Dante. She loved Dante. At 12 months she started to show signs of regressing and was becoming more like a baby once again. She stopped talking and started to lose eye contact. At this point she was taken to the doctor for evaluation. The prognosis was Hypotonia. Things started going downhill for Isabella within a two year span. In March of 2016 she was taken to a geneticist where she was diagnosed with Rett syndrome. Presently, she has eye contact and head mobility. There is practically no movement in her lower body. She is able to drink and swallow. She still has a bright smile despite her disorder.

Fun Fact About Isabella: She is fascinated by lights and the sound of musical toys.

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Support Isabella's fight against Rett syndrome. Donate today in honor of Isabella. All money will go to to help accelerate full spectrum research to cure Rett syndrome and empower families with knowledge and connectivity. 

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