All About Hannah

Hannah is known as "Hanny" by her closest friends and family. Speaking of which, Hannah is blessed to be one of five children. She has three sisters and an older brother who especially loves to dote on her. Hannah can't wait until her baby sister is old enough to play with her. She is the star at any gathering with her loving family, particularly with all her cousins!

At home Hannah enjoys a hobby farm environment that keeps the whole family busy and entertained with the antics of goats, chickens, pigs, cattle, and a pony. Hannah loves to take a stroll through her own personal "zoo" every day. On top of that, her therapists keep her engaged in all kinds of other fun activities and exercises to keep her strong and developing. Hannah truly spreads her happiness to all she meets!

Fun Fact About Hannah: Hannah loves stories! Especially when her older siblings read to her.

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