State Proclamations

October is Rett syndrome Awareness Month and governors in several states honor our effort by signing proclamations declaring October to be Rett syndrome Awareness Month in their states. Our goal is to obtain proclamations in all 50 states. Donna Dean proudly leads the Rett proclamation effort, and has developed the following documents to help you procure proclamations in your state. Please direct any comments or questions to Donna Dean.

PDF Guide to Obtaining Governor Proclamations

PDFAwareness Month Draft Letter

PDFWhereas statements for Governors

2019 Rett Syndrome Awareness Month Proclamations

New Jersey Permanent Joint Resolution

Ohio Senate Permanent Resolution

Pennsylvania Proclamation 2019

Georgia Proclamation 2019

Arkansas Proclamation 2019

Arizona Proclamation 2019

Missouri Proclamation 2019

South Carolina Proclamation 2019

U.S. Virgin Islands Proclamation 2019

Louisiana Proclamation 2019

Oklahoma Proclamation 2019

Texas Proclamation 2019

Massachusetts 2019 Proclamation

Idaho 2019 Proclamation

Louisiana 2019 Proclamation