Final preparations are underway to publish the Communications Guidelines Handbook for your use in 2020. We need your best pictures, demonstrating a wide variety of communication in different ways and different settings.

Who can participate?

  1. Females and Males
  2. All Ages: Toddlers through adults
  3. All Races and Ethnicities: families and professionals all over the world contributed to the guidelines. We want to represent this diversity in style, dress, and languages illustrated on devices and flipbooks.

The authors need photos of your child’s communication, such as:

  1. Communication in all settings: home, school, outside (e.g., playground), restaurant, medical/clinical setting and more
  2. Low-tech AAC: your child using PODD books (for example), E-tran boards, yes/no boards, photo boards; ABC flipbooks
  3. High-tech AAC: Tobii/Dynavox users, Prentke Romich users, and users who have electronic devices from other manufacturers
  4. Communication in various positions (e.g., seated, standing, swinging, standing frames, etc.)
  5. Communicative facial expressions while making direct eye contact others (parent, sibling, grandparent, teacher, friend, therapist, peer, and more)

Your contributions will help us inform the world about communication in Rett syndrome. While we may not be able to use all photos submitted, we MUST have a consent form to consider using your child’s photo.

Simply complete the form below to get started.