October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

YOU Can #OverPowerRett with Rettsyndrome.org

Thousands of children and adults are trapped in their own bodies due to Rett syndrome. With a limited ability to play, participate in normal activities, or use their own voice, they need YOU to spread the word about Rett syndrome this month.

As a rare disease, Rett syndrome affects 1 in 10,000 girls and even fewer boys. Countless people across the country still haven’t heard of Rett syndrome, which is why October is crucial for awareness, advocacy, and education.

Spread the word. Share your story. Be their voice. Together we can #OverPowerRett!

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Here’s How You Can Help Us #OverPowerRett
During Rett Syndrome Awareness Month


31 Days of Posts

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The Zakim Bridge

Light Up the Night!

Illuminate the night on Thursday, October 29, to participate in a global initiative for Rett syndrome awareness. Order your purple light bulbs on Amazon Smile and make double the impact!

Order Your Purple Light bulbs

Give to END Rett syndrome!


Did you know that we’re in the process of asking all 50 governors to honor our effort by signing proclamations declaring October to be Rett Syndrome Awareness Month in their states? Want to help us reach our goal? Click here to get started!
States with proclamations



Over the last year, Rettsyndrome.org has been able to:

  • Help advance Rett research to where there are now 5 compounds in clinical trials in the U.S.
  • Launch Rett Research Ready™, an innovative program that helps families find a clear path to clinical trials.
  • Provide online tutorials, at-home activities, a digital download of our Communications Guidelines, and resources to families isolated during stay-at-home orders.
  • Publish the Rett Syndrome Communications Guidelines, which gives parents, caregivers, communication professionals, therapists, and school educators access to the best information and strategies to facilitate communication in people with Rett syndrome.

And with your help, we can move the needle more. More resources to families and more research that leads to better treatments and, hopefully, one day, a cure.

So join us by raising awareness online, sporting your swag, and giving to help our Rett community.

Together, we go farther!

2019 Highlights

In memory of Logan, who would have been 4 years old last October, his family and many others asked LSU to light up Tiger Stadium to raise awareness for Rett syndrome.

In 2019, Florida hosted their 10th Strollathon, surpassing $1M raised for Rett syndrome research!

Give to END Rett syndrome!

We are the leading organization for Rett syndrome in the world, providing support to families in over 60 countries and accelerating research toward treatment and a cure for Rett.