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 Family Empowerment Representatives

Family Empowerment Representatives are volunteers who provide emotional support, information and resources to families affected by Rett syndrome.  Contacting them should be your first step.

Samantha Brant - Family & Community Engagement Manager,

Shirley Hurlburt, volunteer Family Empowerment Representative  cnyrettrep@gmail.com1-315-447-5200

Treatment and Research Centers


Children's Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM)

 1-347-640-2671  1-718-920-4378

This is the only center for Rett syndrome in the tri-state area and is offered through the Division of Neurology.


Clinical Trials 

Please contact the trial site for current enrollment status.


Natural History Study

University of Rochester Medical Center 

 1-585-341-7500 Appointments      1-585-273-5688 NHS Information

The Child Neurology Clinic provides diagnosis and comprehensive care to children with any type of neurological disorder, including Rett syndrome. The clinic is located at Strong Memorial Hospital. Dr. Alexander Paciorkowski leads the NHS study.  For NHS information email

Travel Assistance for NHS Sites


Marriott is working on establishing discounts for hotel near our clinical trial sites.  For more information, contact Ashley Lucchese, Marriott Sales Executive 

Nearby hotels include: Courtyard Rochester Brighton & Residence Inn Rochester West/Greece 

Other Clinical Trials

Biobanking of Rett Syndrome and Related Disorders

The purpose of this study is to advance understanding of the natural history of Rett syndrome (RTT), MECP2-duplication disorder (MECP2 Dup), RTT-related disorders including CDKL5, FOXG1, and individuals with MECP2 mutations who do not have RTT. Samples with DNA will be collected.  This study will be conducted at the University of Rochester.  It is led by Alex Paciorkowski, MD, PhD. 

 State Agencies - New York

Local Service Agencies

 Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)


OPWDD offers supports to children from birth to 21 who are OPWDD-eligible with a qualifying diagnosis. OPWDD services can be provided in addition to supports received through Early Intervention (EI), the education system, and the Office for Children and Family Services (OCFS).   

Child Health Plus

Child Health Plus is the state's health insurance plan for kids. Depending on your family’s income, your child may be eligible to join either Child Health Plus A (formerly Children’s Medicaid) or Child Health Plus B. Both are available through providers throughout the state.

Revenue Support Field Office (RSFO)

The RSFO develops and maintains benefits and entitlements for individuals served by OPWDD. There are nine RSFOs throughout New York State.

Department of Social Services (DSS)

County DSS administers publicly funded social services and cash assistance programs. Families who meet income and other criteria, may be able to receive a subsidy to offset some of their child care costs. Eligible individuals and those requesting coverage for community based long term care (CBLTC) services should apply with their County DSS office.

The Dream Factory - Brooklyn

The Dream Factory is the largest children’s wish-granting organization that does not limit its mission to children who have life-threatening illness. The organization believes children with chronic illnesses and disorders also suffer from substantial emotional and physical pain. 

The Dream Factory - Rochester

The Dream Factory - Ithaca

The Dream Factory - Syracuse

Handicap Placard

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV requires that you obtain a doctor's signature or statement for the application.  The statement must describe the disabling condition and verify that the disability qualifies according to the law. Bring the form or statement to your issuing agency. There is no fee for a permit. The DMV does not issue the parking permits.

State Medicaid 

New York State Department of Health

The HCBS  waiver provides services that allow individuals to remain in their own home or live in a community setting. Illinois has nine HCBS waivers. Each waiver offers a different set of services.

This site lists all New York Medicaid waivers.

This site also lists New York Medicaid waivers.

Early Intervention

New York State Department of Health


The Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides a variety of therapeutic and support services to children under three years of age who have a confirmed disability or established developmental delay. 

Early Intervention Official (EIO)

This designated official administers the local Early Intervention Program. Contact your EIO for information or to refer a child.


Office of Special Education


This department provides services and programs for students with disabilities.  


Conservatorship is a legal proceeding in which an individual or agency ("guardian" in the state of New York) is appointed by a court to be responsible for a person who needs assistance in activities of daily living. This process should be started approximately 6 months before the 18th birthday.

NYCourts has online forms for guardianship.

Transition to Adult Services

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)


OPWDD works with the State Education Department, local school districts, and special education staff to assist students transitioning from school, and to help plan for the supports that will be needed in adult life. This process should start at age 15.  

New York State Education Department

1-518- 474-3852 

The Education Department has information on planning for transition for your child.  

Parent Recommendations

If you have favorite resources to share with others, please email that information and your experience to

 Medical Professionals

Dr. Aleksandra Djukic

Dr. Djukic is Associate Professor of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is the Director of the Rett Syndrome Center.

This site has a comprehensive listing of clinical studies involving Rett Syndrome patients or families.


Therapy ( PT, OT, Speech, Hippotherapy and Aquatherapy)

Legal Resources


Darien Lake

Located in Darien Center, most of the attractions are wheelchair accessible but do require a transfer from the wheelchair to the ride/attraction. See the Ride Accessibilility Guide for more information.

Trail Link

This site lists Wheelchair Accessible Trails in New York State.

Central Park Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo

 The zoo offers unique programs geared towards children with developmental disabilities.

More Parent Recommendations

New York IRSF Rett Syndrome Families Facebook Page

 Click and ask to join.

Parent Network of the Capital Region (PNCR) 

PNCR helps families and professionals understand education laws and regulations, parents' rights, and rights of students receiving special education services. PNCR also offers workshops for parents