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At, we often hear about innovative new products or parents recommend products to us.   While we do not endorse any particular product, we want to make the information available to all parents.  We encourage you to look and the following products and conduct your own research to determine if it would be suitable for you or your child. 

If you would like to share a product you have found helpful in caring for a child with Rett syndrome, please email

Lillie Pads Weighted Blankets & Accessories

Custom made by a Rett parent, these weighted blankets were primarily used as a therapy tool for children with sensory processing disorders, but are now used by consumers from all walks of life! They are beneficial for those with autism, Rett syndrome, ADHD, ADD, PPD-NOS, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, sleep disorders, Asperger's syndrome, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and many more conditions.
Lillie Pads are portable and perfect for school, doctors appts, restaurants, and in the car. The weight provides deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS) and sensory input. They are often used as a calming and/or concentration tool. was started by a Rett syndrome grandmother.  They make a variety of handmade products to assist those with Rett syndrome including arm braces, ponchos, mittens, bibs and AFO socks. has proudly served the special needs community for more than a decade, committed to customer service and satisfaction. 

The Scallop Family, the newest product from R82, Inc.


Designed to aid in floor sitting and to add extra support whilst sitting on a chair. This simple, portable and versatile sensory stimulating product is the perfect aid to enable participation in everyday activities with comfort, support and ease.

The Scallop is designed for children who require a little extra help while floor sitting or sitting on a chair. This product also provides tactile stimulation which helps to reassure the child and enable them to relax and concentrate while using the product. For infants sitting at a table, or for longer floor sitting to outdoor events and activities like picnics, the Scallop can be used almost anywhere.

Weighing less than 2kg you can bring your scallop along to the beach, park, school or granny’s house. Wherever you are going,  the Scallop is a convenient and lightweight seat that does not compromise on comfort.

For more product information click HERE.  Ordering is done by PHONE ONLY.  Please call  1-844-876-6245.  Use the Promo Code 2017Rett.


  The Hannah bed by KayserBetten

KayserBetten has been designing and manufacturing enclosed beds for over 35 years and offers unique features that work well for children and adults with Rett Syndrome.  Many families are currently using KayserBetten beds to meet their child’s special needs.  Features that are exclusive to KayserBetten beds include, low thresholds, doors that open on vertical hinges, safety rails that have wooden rods to allow for air circulation and tall rails for those children who are ambulatory.   Families may contact Ruth Ann for information and assistance with submitting a request to their insurance/Medicaid. 1-800-574-7880 ext.308  Click HERE for more information.



SleepSafe Safety Bed Models


The SleepSafe® Bed, began as a durable medical equipment product (DME) for pediatric use, in September of 2000.  Every SleepSafe® Bed includes a foundation that supports the mattress. Customers can choose from fixed, articulated or hi-lo frames. An array of finishes and specialized options are also available. The SleepSafe® Beds are not only visually appealing, they also address safety issues in ways no other more traditional institutional equipment can match.


Beds By George



Beds by George is a family owned company that builds beautiful safety beds for special needs children, youth, adults, as well as handicapped, disabled and medically fragile individuals who need extra fall and entrapment protection while in bed.