Sometimes you just want to have fun.  We can help! 


Interested in creating an amazing social media profile pic?  Visit our Perfect Profiles Pictures page and choose from a variety of templates to easily create your own profile pic that looks beautiful and also raises awareness for Rett syndrome.

Is shopping on your list of favorite activities?  We have some suggestions for products that may be of value to families dealing with Rett syndrome.  Visit our Products You May Like page to see what is recommended by parents.  Recommend a product you like to others here as well.

If creativity is one of your talents, put it to use by creating a personal page for you child that you can share with others. Our Create a Personal Page will help you get started.

If you prefer creating something you can touch and feel ( instead of online creating), visit our Angel Awareness Cards page to create a customized card with stories about your child.  We will help you proof it and send the cards to you to share with others.