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Anna Luiza is a 18 months little girl who was recently diagnosed with Rett syndrome. Our struggle to find a diagnosis began when Anna was only eight months old and had the first seizure. Since then, we started a race against time to find out what was causing the seizures and developmental delay. We made hundreds of exams and went to dozens of doctors. We started doing several therapies to accelerate the motor and cognitive development.

Our little princess does not walk, does not talk, does not hold the bottle, has difficulty manipulating toys and started to sit up about two months ago. Despite all the difficulties that we face, Anna Luiza is the reason of our lives, our happiness, our greatest love. Her smile is what gives us strength to continue our struggle. We are going to do anything to improve her quality of life. God bless our Rett princesses around the world and may the cure arrive soon for them!


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