Kacy Seitz, CLTC, ChSNC

Kacy Seitz, CLTC, ChSNC

Financial Advisor & Special Needs Planning Specialist, Northwestern Mutual

Special needs parent and mom to Hudsyn, her daughter who has complex medical needs, Kacy is a financial advisor in Kansas City. After six years in the financial services industry, she opened her practice with Northwestern Mutual in 2013 because she had difficulty finding good, sound advice from a variety of financial advisors who could help her develop a solid plan for her daughter. Her purpose in life is to awaken understanding and help others become empathetically aware of people with disabilities. She focuses on helping special needs families with proper financial planning throughout their lifetimes. Her book, “Every Now & Then, I Fall Apart: A Mother’s Memoir of Life After a Traumatic Birth” is scheduled to be published in 2021.

Her husband, Dan, is a stay-at-home dad who cares for their two children and has a successful YouTube channel documenting the daily life of a special needs dad, called “See The Seitz.”

Whether a family has substantial means or a few assets, it is critical to take time to develop and implement a special needs plan. There are unique circumstances along with many decisions to be made that can have a profound impact on a child’s quality of life while caregivers are living, and after they’re gone. A proper special needs plan can help avoid common mistakes and oversights that could jeopardize the lifetime support of a person with disabilities.

Kacy leads a Northwestern Mutual study group of over 100 advisors in 31 states that focus on learning, professional development and building skills during monthly calls to better serve the special needs communities
across the country.

  • Her boutique practice serves over 500 special needs families in 27 states.
  • Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC)
  • Certified Long-Term Care Specialist (CLTC)
  • Kansas Governor appointed parent advocate for the Kansas Developmental Disabilities Council and the Advisory Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • Children’s Mercy Hospital Family Advisory Board member, Beacon Complex Care Clinic Patient & Family Advisory Board Chair, and a variety of other parent mentor positions held since 2014. She was named the hospital’s volunteer of the month for December 2020.
  • Regular presenter and speaker for: Kansas City Special Needs Ministry Network, Archdiocese of Kansas and Missouri, National Center on Deaf-Blindness & the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired