The teen years can bring much concern and anxiety for parents and caregivers.  The good news is that Rett syndrome will not affect the normal pubertal development of your child.  We could face many additional medical issues if she did not grow into a wonderful young woman, so we need to embrace and not fear these changes.  Signs of puberty can appear prematurely in our children, as early as 7 or 8 years of age, but true puberty (including menstruation) generally occurs around the same time as her typical peers.  Visit MedlinePlus or download the American Academy of Pediatrics online Patient Education pamphlet for general information about puberty.  Below is some information specific to girls with Rett syndrome.



Voices of Friendship

Watch Voices of Friendship, produced by IOD/UNH.

“ ‘Voices of Friendship’ was made when my daughter, Jocelyn, was 13  about the friendships that developed between Jocelyn and some of her friends, mostly from the friends’ perspective - pretty powerful.  It has been used for training and education all over the country.  The video is 20+ years old and still relevant (other than clothes, hair styles, etc).  These early friendships can last a long time and help with self-esteem for our girls.  Jocelyn is 35 now and still sees some of these girls and is always making new friends.  I am convinced her successes are in great part due to her past experiences.”

- Marlyn Curtain and daughter Jocelyn, NH