Planning for the Future & Placement

Preparing for the Future

What is guardianship?

Guardianship is a legally recognized relationship between a competent adult and an adult with a disability (ward) who is incapable as determined by a court of law managing her affairs. In this relationship, the guardian has the duty and right to act on her behalf to make decisions which affect her life and to promote and protect her well-being.

Residential Care

Home Away From Home

Sometimes a family feels they can no longer care for their daughter at home full-time. Parents may be getting older or have health problems that limit their ability to provide the quality care their daughter needs. The physical and emotional strain on the family may be too much to cope with, especially for the single parent. There may not be adequate support or respite care from the extended family or through the community. In some cases, the family feels that she will do better in a residential setting which can provide 24 hour care. Whatever the reason, making a decision to find an alternative living arrangement can be painful and difficult. Finding the right home is often hard, and sometimes impossible. The family must choose to either remain in their situation and feel drained, or place their daughter somewhere else and feel guilty. There is often no choice that is good for everyone. Parents may face criticism and judgment from others, and they will probably always feel some sadness.