The Strollathon program, IRSF’s Signature fundraising event, has been bringing families together to fundraise and to strengthen the local Rett community since 2004. These events are planned and executed by dedicated volunteers and committees in each community with support from IRSF staff. These events raised $8 million in the first ten years.

Families and other participants create teams, recruit additional members, and reach out to family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues and more to achieve their fundraising goals. Fantastic online fundraising tools are available to assist you at every step along the way and individual fundraising incentives are available at multiple levels. Stroll day is a fun and festive experience with music, food and activities for all. Our volunteer Chairs work with local families to share the stories of the children in the area living with Rett syndrome and a true sense of support and community exists at every event. 

Our local volunteer Chairs are always happy to add additional volunteers to the committee, sharing new perspectives, contacts and energy. If you’ve participated in a Strollathon in the past and want to share your time and talents, or if you are looking for a new way to get involved with IRSF, contact your location Strollathon Chair (contact information is on the event’s home page) or contact IRSF at (800) 818-7388 or

Do you want to bring a Strollathon to your area? IRSF provides a large number of resources and coordinates a number of projects related to the event. A Strollathon is one of the easier events to plan based on the existing structure for success and lower costs to implement. An ideal new location has a motivated volunteer Chair with a strong supporting cast and who is connected with other families in the area, a number of Rett families within driving distance, and relationships (direct or through family and friends) with businesses in the community. Contact Marcy to learn more about the available resources and to further discuss the potential of a Strollathon in your community.