The Scout Program

An Innovative Approach to Proactively Accelerate Rett Syndrome Research is paving a new path for Rett syndrome research.  Our mission is to move discoveries to the clinic.  We have committed to fund $1,000,000 towards the Scout Program, a Drug Discovery Screen in a mouse model of Rett syndrome.

We believe that the Scout Program will aggressively accelerate the testing of compounds, whether new or repurposed, through standardized preclinical studies in the Rett mouse model.  This program will test many novel compounds and small molecules identified in leading edge research over the next two years.  The Scout Program is branched into two divisions, Academic and Pharma.

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At the 2015 Society for Neuroscience Annual meeting, the PsychoGenics team presented the poster “Assessing the Mecp2 (Bird) Model of Rett Syndrome Across Species, Sex, and Age”, which describes the battery of tests performed in the Scout Program. Click the image above to read more from the poster.

Press Releases

Publications HeART Awardee Bianca DeFillippis, PhD
Modulation of Rho GTPases rescues brain mitochondrial dysfunction, cognitive deficits and aberrant synaptic plasticity in female mice modeling Rett syndrome
De Filippis B, Valenti D, Chiodi V, Ferrante A, de Bari L, Fiorentini C, Domenici MR, Ricceri L, Vacca RA, Fabbri A, Laviola G.
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