Mentored Training Fellowship Program

IRSF announces the availability of Mentored Training Fellowships to support scientists early in their career to in both basic and clinical research in the field of Rett syndrome so that they become successful, independent basic research scientists and clinical investigators. These talented researchers will be the future leaders in the Basic, Translational and Clinical research areas for Rett syndrome.

Basic research projects submitted by a Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Associate may include areas of interests under the Basic Research Program listed above.

Clinical research projects submitted by a Clinical Scientist may include areas of interests under the Translational Research Program listed above.

The two-year Mentored Training Fellowships in Basic Research and Clinical Research are designed to assist post-doctoral research scientists and clinical scientists establish careers in fields relevant to Rett syndrome research. The maximum funding level for Mentored Training Fellowships is $100,000 over two years. Mentored Training Fellowship applicants are required to have a sponsoring mentor.

To view the most current Call for Proposals and deadline dates, please visit the Research Grant Opportunities page.