More Ways to Help

Cause-Related Marketing

Support the fight against Rett syndrome with the help of our corporate partners below. Your support will bring us closer to fulfilling our promise of treatments and a cure for those living with Rett syndrome.

Public Service Campaign

Your Low-Effort Outreach Can Secure Airtime for PSAs. 300 million audience impressions already on TV, cable and radio! Families have been found, and diagnoses have been made because of this PSA.

October Awareness Month

Let’s raise our voices in October to bring a spotlight to Rett syndrome.  Our children deserve nothing less than to be heard and to be counted!  It is the leading cause of severe impairment in girls yet the general public still doesn’t know about it. Let’s change this. Ask the world to embrace our children and raise a voice for Rett syndrome! IRSF is here to help you make each activity a success. Contact IRSF for assistance in turning your ideas into reality. This month is dedicated to raising awareness and it can only happen with your involvement! Together we are making a difference.

State Proclamations

Get Your State Involved

October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month in the USA, and it is an exciting time for fundraising and gatherings for IRSF families. Governors in several states honor our effort by signing proclamations declaring October to be Rett Syndrome Awareness Month in their states. These proclamations are available to you and they can be downloaded for your use.

Become an Advocate

Get involved and help raise awareness of Rett syndrome in your state. Click to access all of the advocacy resources you will need to get started.