Board of Trustees

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Research Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Medical Advisory Board (MAB) serve to help set strategic goals for the advancement of research towards the development of therapeutics for Rett syndrome. The SAB and MAB members consist of leading scientists and clinicians drawn from the Rett syndrome field, augmented by distinguished neuroscientists and prominent individuals with experience in drug discovery and development within academia and industry. Members of the SAB and MAB have been drawn from specific disciplines that are critical to facilitate the rapid translation of basic research findings into therapeutics for the treatment of Rett syndrome. 

Family Support Board

Providing accurate, well-organized, sincere support, information and referral services is the number one goal of the IRSF Family Support staff for all families, from the day they begin searching for a diagnosis through coping with day-to-day care issues after the diagnosis and beyond. The highly respected Family Support Board (FSB) consults with the IRSF staff on these priorities.

Organizations and Foundations

Links to Rett syndrome web sites around the world.

Professional Advisors

A select group of Rett syndrome professionals who have committed to advise IRSF and support fellow professionals on important issues, the Professional Advisors for IRSF represent top experts in their fields, many of whom have made significant contributions to the area of Rett syndrome.